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Dedicated to improve cancer prevention and early diagnosis, we will continue to explore sciences and embark the unknows in biomedicine.

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Dedicated to technology innovation in China Committed to provide better healthcare for women

Through an in-depth research and development, our team established a cutting-edge technology platform for cancer biomarkers and clinical applications in the cervical cancer field. Our product line consists of immunological test kits, automated lab instruments, and AI powered image analysis software and APPs.
Company now provides clinically proven E7 protein detection technology, E7-ICC cytology test and E7-IHC pathology test. These products were developed on the bases of proprietary antibodies and a series of more than 30 invention patents. E7 immunological reagents can be used as clinical diagnostics either during the primary screening of precancerous cell lesions using specimens of exfoliated cervical cells (E7-ICC), or for pathohistological testing on tissue or biopsy specimens (E7-IHC) in pathology labs or other clinical labs.
In addition to antibodies to biomarker immunoassay kits (E7, Ki67, p16, etc.), we provide a comprehensive product line for lab automation instruments and artificial intelligent AI powered APP tools for data acquisition and image analysis. Our goal is to improve the efficiency and quality of primary screening for cancer early detection. We can provide a one-stop solution for multiple application scenarios to meet the rapidly growing needs in cervical cancer and breast cancer screening.

Fully realize the market sales, Enter the cervical cancer detection market.
The development of artificial intelligence algorithm for Cervical Cancer Biomarker Diagnostic Kits has been successfully developed
Cervical Cancer Biomarker Diagnostic Kits products by CE certification, ISO 13485 certification system
More than 10 invention patents have been completed, and core technology product development has been completed.
Found Attogen Inc.build technology platform